How a Root Canal Helps Relieve Pain?

By Phillip S. Tully III DMD
May 03, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: root canal  

A toothache is never an enjoyable experience. Eating and drinking become more difficult, and even something as simple as breathing root canalcan produce pain. However, relieving tooth pain is often as simple as undergoing a root canal procedure at the Columbus, GA dentist’s office of Phillip Tully. Despite its bad reputation, root canal therapy is a painless, relatively quick procedure which can eliminate your tooth pain and save your natural tooth from extraction.

When is a root canal necessary?
A root canal is necessary when the tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed, infected or dead. The tooth’s pulp made up of blood vessels, nerve, and connective tissues, is located in the tooth’s hollow, inner pulp chamber. When the pulp becomes inflamed, a toothache occurs. This often comes with sensitivity to hot and cold, making drinking and eating painful or uncomfortable. A toothache can also have a radiating ache, occurring without stimulation.

How does a root canal work? 
A root canal begins when your Columbus, GA dentist Dr. Tully administering local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, your dentist makes a small access hole in the top of your tooth from which he removes the infected pulp. With the pulp removed, your dentist cleans and sterilizes the inside of the tooth, making sure no infected tissue is left behind. Composite materials fill the tooth and seal it off to prevent further infection. In most cases, you will need a dental crown which sits over the top of the tooth to protect it. Our dental office is equipped with CEREC Crowns, so the new crown will be ready later that day.

Does a root canal hurt? 
While root canals have a reputation for being painful, drawn-out procedures, that is simply a myth. A root canal only occurs once the area is numbed with local anesthetic. While you may feel some pressure from the instruments, you should not feel any pain during your procedure.

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