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By Phillip S. Tully III DMD
April 04, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Whether one of our Columbus, GA, family dentists, Dr. Phillip Tully III or Dr. W. Newton Sharp, has recently told you that you have a cavity fillingsor you are just curious to learn more about specific dental services we offer, you’ve come to the right place. Many people will deal with a cavity at some point during their lifetime and it’s always important to understand how a cavity is removed and the tooth is restored.

What is a tooth-colored filling?

Also referred to as a dental filling, this tooth-colored composite resin is used to fill a cavity and restore a tooth both in strength and appearance. The resin is moldable, making it easy for our Columbus dentist to shape and contour the resin over the cavity to completely fill it. While there are other kinds of dental fillings, a tooth-colored filling is the most common and popular option since it blends right in with the tooth. With a tooth-colored filling, no one will ever be able to tell that you have one.

How is a tooth-colored filling placed?

First and foremost, our Columbus dentist will need to remove the decayed portions of the tooth to prevent the decay from spreading. In order to do that, we will first administer local anesthesia to the gums around the tooth. This will ensure that the area is completely numb so you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Once your mouth is numb, we will use a dental drill to remove the decay. Once the decay has been removed it’s time to rebuild the tooth with your new filling. We will choose the shade of resin that will most closely match your tooth. From there, we will apply it in layers. As we mentioned, the resin is like putty, so we can shape, mold and trim it to blend right in with the rest of the tooth. Once a layer has been shaped we will harden it into place with a laser. We will continue to apply layer after layer until the tooth is completely rebuilt. Lastly, we will polish the tooth so that the resin offers a sheen that’s similar to natural tooth enamel.

How long do tooth-colored fillings last?

Composite resin fillings are pretty strong and resilient; however, they aren’t designed to last the rest of your life. Of course, maintaining good oral hygiene is one surefire way to guarantee that your filling lasts as long as possible. The average lifespan of a tooth-colored filling is about seven to 10 years (but they can last longer, too).

Do you have questions about the comprehensive dental services we offer in Columbus, GA? Do you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tully or Dr. Sharp? If so, then give us a call. We are here to help in any way we can.

By Phillip S. Tully III DMD
July 11, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

The facts about dental fillings

If you have a tooth that is decayed, there is a good chance your tooth can be restored with a dental filling. Dental fillings can give back fillingsyour full set of teeth, restoring teeth broken by trauma, worn down by age or decayed from poor hygiene and too much sugar. Dr. Phillip S. Tully III in Columbus, GA wants you to know all the facts about dental fillings and what they can do to restore your smile.

Dr. Tully first has to remove the damaged or decayed area of your tooth, making sure you only have healthy tooth structure remaining. Then Dr. Tully will discuss the different materials and choices for your filling. Together, you can determine the best choice for your needs and budget. Consider:

Metal (amalgam) fillings, if you want the strongest and most durable filling material; metal fillings are a good choice for back teeth where biting forces are the strongest.

Gold fillings, if you want a strong filling and you like the beautiful color of gold; these fillings are custom-made in a dental laboratory and require more than one appointment.

Composite or tooth-colored fillings, if you want a filling that is virtually indistinguishable from your existing teeth. Your Columbus dentist can match the color of composite perfectly so people will notice your smile, and not your fillings.

Porcelain fillings, if you want a cosmetically beautiful, strong filling. This type of filling is created in a dental laboratory, and so it requires more than one appointment to complete.

Glass ionomer fillings, if you need a filling along the gumline; these fillings are also tooth-colored and can be matched very well with your existing teeth.

A dental filling placed by Dr. Tully can provide you with years of protection, restoring both full chewing function and creating a beautiful addition to your smile. If you have teeth that are damaged or decayed, don’t wait! Restore your teeth with a dental filling before the damage or decay gets worse. Call Dr. Tully in Columbus, GA today and get back your smile!