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CEREC Crowns (Single-Visit Crowns)

Lakeside Family Dentistry & TMJ in Columbus, GA

CEREC crowns at Lakeside Family Dentistry in Columbus, GA repair damaged teeth in just one dental visit. Milled from a solid block of dental grade ceramic, CEREC crowns are designed, built and placed quickly and beautifully for natural-looking restorations that last for years.

What is CEREC?

CEREC is an acronym for the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction. Developed by dentists in Zurich in 1980, CEREC technology produces restorations such as dental crowns and bridges that are extraordinarily life like and durable. Plus, CEREC patients receive the best in materials and diagnostics conveniently and quickly.

CEREC (Single-Visit) Crowns, Columbus GA

How the Treatment Works

Dr. Tully is fully certified in the innovative CEREC process. They first perform a complete oral exam to determine if a damaged tooth can receive a CEREC crown. The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine says a dental crown completely covers tooth structure marred by decay, extensive fillings, oral injury or congenital malformation. It replicates the size, shape and color of the original tooth, creating perfect bite and protecting remaining enamel from further damage.

In addition to the oral exam, Dr. Tully uses digital x-rays and an inventive combination of CT and light scanning techniques to image the tooth. With CAD-CAM software (Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing), they make a digital impression. This quick process eliminates gooey impressions and long wait times for lab work to be completed. They also shape the remaining tooth enamel to receive the crown.

The digital impression gives the CEREC milling machine all the information needed to manufacture a beautiful all-ceramic dental crown. The manufacturing process takes 15 minutes or so, and Dr. Tully adds special shading and polishing to finish the CEREC crown. He bonds it securely in place, and amazingly, the fit and bite of a CEREC crown is perfect the very first try-on.

Other CEREC Applications

In addition, CEREC crowns cover dental implants--today's best standard for tooth replacement. CEREC technology creates partial crowns, too--beautiful inlays and onlays that replace large fillings inside and around the cusps of teeth. Bonded right to the teeth, inlays and onlays seamlessly restore teeth to full function, bite and aesthetics.


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